Case Study

Eco Farm, headquartered in New Zealand, is dedicated to pioneering cross-border eCommerce trade to China for global brands.
Our Journey So Far:
We've successfully facilitated cross-border trade and supply chain operations for numerous prominent brands globally. Our valued partners include industry leaders such as Comvita, Manuka Health, Antipodes, Blackmores, SWISSE.
Creating Connections:
Through an array of online and offline distribution channels, we've played a pivotal role in bridging these brands with major Chinese cross-border eCommerce platforms, including Tmall and Kaola. But our reach goes beyond eCommerce. We also foster connections with social content platforms, financial institutions, TV shopping channels, and duty-free stores, creating comprehensive trade networks.
At Eco Farm, we're committed to driving cross-border commerce, empowering businesses to thrive on a global scale, and making eCommerce trade to China more accessible than ever before.

Become a success story

Eco Farm is a global digital trade service provider with independent technology and continuous innovation.

A Complete Service Provider For Cross Border ECommerce To China









One-stop eCommerce Solution

Operating as both a logistics and marketing agency in China, we provide our clients with full operations and marketing services to maximise their sales success across our distribution channels.

Multiple Distributions With Close Relationship

We are authorised by over 24 online distribution channels to provide the most effective access to the Chinese market for our clients.

Strong Content Marketing And Brand Exposure

We not only have traditional channels but also content marketing channels which can help brands, especially new brands, to get cost effective exposure.

Consulting With Local Know-how

We have offices in both NZ and China with professional sales and marketing teams to help you solve all problems.