Cross-Border China eCommerce Solutions

Your All-in-One Partner for Chinese Cross-Border eCommerce Services

With Eco Farm, your brand can seize the opportunity to establish a strong presence in the dynamic Chinese market through virtual flagship stores. Cross-border eCommerce already accounts for 20% of China's vast online market, offering foreign brands a lucrative avenue for introducing their products to a new audience.
Our end-to-end solutions cover every aspect of market entry, from strategy development to warehousing and multi-platform online sales. If your business is ready to conquer the Chinese market, Eco Farm is here to help you make a lasting impression.
Join us in tapping into one of the world's fastest-growing digital markets and unlock your brand's potential in China.

Comprehensive Cross-Border eCommerce Solutions:

Many foreign brands struggle with fragmented services when entering the Chinese market, dealing with multiple partners for different needs. At Eco Farm, we offer an all-in-one, comprehensive cross-border eCommerce service that simplifies the process of establishing flagship stores on various Chinese eCommerce platforms.
With a proven track record of working with over 100 global brands, we not only launch your flagship store but also manage your business's presence in China beyond the initial setup stage. Our full-service suite includes:
• Market analysis and entry strategy
• Online eCommerce material preparation
• Product and store design and listing
• Online platform promotions
• Content creation, social media engagement
• Customer service
• Data analysis

Opening a Virtual Flagship Store for China:

Our local team of Chinese marketing experts creates a tailor-made marketing proposal to establish your brand's position in the Chinese market and reach your target audience effectively. Here's how we do it:
Brand Assessment: We assess your brand to understand its appeal in the Chinese market, identifying the best-suited platforms.
Material Preparation: We collaborate with you to prepare advertising and export materials for your flagship store launch.
Flagship Store Application: We assist you in communicating with each platform, create a settlement plan, and submit the application.
Setup and Management: Once the store is live, we provide ongoing services, including product and brand visual design updates, page optimization, daily operation and promotion management, 3PL & warehouse services, and sales and service data analysis.

Why Create Cross-Border eCommerce Flagship Stores?

Cross-border eCommerce in China offers significant advantages, including preferential duty rates and the ability to trade in the country without a business operation license. Here's why it's a smart choice: Testing Ground: Start as an online retailer to gauge customer interest before physical expansion.
Brand Showcasing: Your flagship store showcases your brand, attracting sales and building a strong reputation.
Customer Interaction: Gain insights into your customers' preferences, enhancing relationships and revenue.
At Eco Farm, we're your gateway to success in the Chinese eCommerce landscape. Join us and thrive in this dynamic market.

Tmall Global

Eco Farm always understands the power of content marketing, so we've established and optimised a mature content marketing plan on Little Red Book, helping many new brands improve their awareness in the Chinese market.
It has become one of the easiest ways to penetrate the Chinese market because Tmall Global provides a cross border business model for many foreign brands and retailers to expand their business into China. In 2018, Tmall Global has announced a brand-incubation plan. Around $200 billion will be invested in this program to offer more tools and activities to help brands flourish in China.
Eco Farm offers a detailed and complete service plan for brands who open a flagship on Tmall platform. Since Tmall Global has a big market share of all the cross-border eCommerce platforms. The traffic is relatively high. We leverage the advantage of the platform and help brands to maximize profit.


Kaola, which means koala, was chosen as the name because of the concept:" stay lazy and comfortable”. The platform aims to offer customers a “better life with less money” through low prices every day and 100% genuine overseas commodity. In 2019, Kaola was acquired by Alibaba Group who plan to combine Kaola and Tmall to establish a powerful cross-border e-commerce environment in China. Eco Farm has solid operation experience and knows how to operate and utilize the resources on Kaola. With a complete service of visual design, store management, marketing promotion and data analysis, our clients have a clear concept about how their stores are operated.

Little Red Book

Little Red book - China‘s most trustworthy social content sharing platform, focuses on a unique blend of trusted user-generated content, word of mouth advertising, and online community building.
The major difference from other traditional eCommerce platforms is that apart from its sales channel, it also has a content-sharing function, where users can post product photos with reviews and tips for other users to read, comment, and save to their boards. Influencer, KOL or even celebrities’ recommendations will make it easier for potential customers to accept new products.
Eco Farm always understands the power of content marketing, so we've established and optimised a mature content marketing plan on Little Red Book, helping many new brands improve their awareness in the Chinese market.


Tiktok e-commerce is committed to becoming the preferred platform for users to discover and get good prices. The e-commerce service platform of Tiktok provides more promotion and sales channels for merchants.By publishing products on Tiktok, merchants can display their products to a large number of users of Douyin, increasing the visibility and sales of goods.Tiktok e-commerce service platform also provides a series of promotion tools and services, such as brand cooperation, live delivery, etc., to help merchants achieve better marketing results. Compared with traditional offline sales channels, Tiktok e-commerce service platform has lower promotion costs and higher effects.