About Ecofarm

About Eco Farm

At Eco Farm, we are your dedicated partner in the realm of cross-border e-commerce. Our mission is simple yet profound: to facilitate seamless global trade by connecting foreign brands with the thriving Chinese market. Powered by cutting-edge IT technology and a robust infrastructure, we offer comprehensive end-to-end eCommerce platform operation and supply chain solutions.
We empower brands to seamlessly integrate with various Chinese e-commerce platforms, pioneering a transformative approach to e-commerce that has propelled numerous brands to unprecedented heights, fostering remarkable growth and expansion. We are committed to leveraging our local knowledge and expertise to ensure long-term revenue benefits for our clients in the market. Join us in making your mark in one of the world's most dynamic e-commerce landscapes with Eco Farm.

One-stop eCommerce Solution

Operating as both a logistics and marketing agency in China, we provide our clients with full operations and marketing services to maximise their sales success across our distribution channels.

Multiple Distributions With Close Relationship

We are authorised by over 24 online distribution channels to provide the most effective access to the Chinese market for our clients.

Strong Content Marketing And Brand Exposure

We not only have traditional channels but also content marketing channels which can help brands, especially new brands, to get cost effective exposure.

Consulting With Local Know-how

We have offices in both NZ and China with professional sales and marketing teams to help you solve all problems.