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What Makes Us Outstanding

As a professional supply chain service provider, and the New Zealand government-certified RMP regulatory warehouse, Trademonster provides professional third-party logistics services including: 
• Warehousing and distribution, local land transport, inventory management, reverse logistics and a wide range of value-adding services within the warehouse. 
• Tailor and implement personalized warehousing and delivery solutions for the health care, food and cosmetics industries to meet the unique needs of our customers. 
• Provide cost-effective inventory management, diversified value-adding services, and efficient end-market order fulfilment services world widely.

Key Service offerings

By continuously measuring and evaluating key performance data from all parties, we are committed to increasing efficiency and reducing overall costs, adding value to our customers business operations. 

• Storage, picking, packaging and distribution 
• Inventory management 
• Value-added services in the warehouse, such as labelling, kitting etc 
• Delivery and return management 
• Order and supplier management 
• Document management

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