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Multiple e-commerce platforms and business network coverage 

Trademonster's current distribution channels cover traditional cross-border e-commerce platforms including Tmall,, Koala, Amazon, Wal-Mart etc. In 2017, the company focused on developing social content platforms, gaining valuable experience and achievements in Red, Yitiao, Niangaomama, Xiaoxiaobaomama. Trademonster continued to achieve excellent sales through these platforms in 11.11.2018 (Chinese Boxing Day).

Operates e-commerce flagship stores in China 

Trademonster currently operates 45 independent e-commerce flagship stores. The independent brands flagship stores include THOMPSON, ANTIPODES, Manuka Health, Healtheries, etc. The company expects to undertake more than 70 various types of e-commerce flagship stores in 2019, covering the Australia, New Zealand, Japan & Korea markets.

Our clients:
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