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Trademonster has two subsidiary companies, Eco Farm NZ Ltd (mainly responsible for platform operation and supply chain) and Trademonster Ltd (mainly responsible for logistics operations), both established in 2014. We provide professional cross-border logistics and supply chain operation services for brands in the Southern Hemisphere. Our head-office is in Auckland whilst our wholly-owned subsidiaries are in Shanghai and Hong Kong. The company has different departments, such as sales operations, channel management, marketing, content creation and design, customer service, logistics warehousing and supply chain management.

Trademonster achieved rapid development in China‘s cross-border e-commerce sector since our establishment in 2014. Trademonster is becoming an important pathway for Australian and New Zealand brands to enter the Chinese market, as we offer a complete e-commerce parcels solutions from New Zealand to China. Trademonster reached a strategic partnership with COSCO China, SF Express, and 4PX to provide logistics solutions for Chinese e-commerce companies to export to the New Zealand and Australia market. Currently, we have a two-way parcel solutions for China to New Zealand and from China to Australia. The China to Brazil parcel route will start in the second half of 2019.

Trademonster cooperates with over 100 brands in New Zealand and Australia to provide multiple distribution access including China cross-border e-commerce platforms, traditional distribution networks, financial institutions, TV shopping channel, Duty Free Stores, etc. The company also cooperates with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, Hui Maori Collective and the New Zealand Food Basket (New Zealand National Pavilion) as a designated partner.

Trademonster is working to develop cross-border e-commerce in the southern hemisphere, promoting two-way trade and logistics between the southern hemisphere and China.

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